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Cody Bruce Smith

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Image taken by professional studio shortly after high school graduation  1958

May 10th, 1938  --- April 6th, 2010


Son of Everett L. and Virgie A. Smith

Brother of Gloria Gayle and Kenny L. Smith

Father of
Katrina E. Long, Natalie C. Brockman, Christopher M. Smith, Andrew W. Smith, and Amy L. Lorentz

Grandfather of fourteen

               Great-Grandfather of two    (as of 2010)


Everett & Virgie
Gloria Gayle
   - - died in infancy
  -- married Joyce
    -- married Rosalee
- - married Ken
- - married Gerald
- - married Trisha, then Sandra
- - married Cherryl
- - married Mark
- - married Linda
- - married Gary
1. Emily
1. Monica
1. Brandt
1. Amanda
1. Brendan
1. Logan
1. Delaney
2. Stephen
2. Heather
2. Darcie
2. Andrew
2. Ian
2. Weston
2. Cassidy
3. Nathan
  3. Haley
  3. Evan
    1.Ayden (2009) 2. Memory (2012)   3. Wilder (2013)  Great-Great-Grandchildren:      





     Seven Weeks Old                         Under Seven Months Old



About One Year Old                              With Kenny  1941



With Virgie on the back step of the Gridley Ranch  1948


    Cody and Kenny                          ...and with Everett and Virgie
   in Pennington  1947                at Gridley Ranch about 1950 - 51
Virgie sewed the boys' shirts, so they usually matched... she wanted to be 'fair' she said.  She hated doing button holes  so she always used Gripper-Snaps.


Cody's Senior Picture   June 1956


Cody with Natalie and Kitty at Patrick's Point 
September 1969

The location was a family vacation favorite over the years


Natalie, Chris, & Kitty
Joyce & Cody
Amy & Andy

January 1971



First Grandchild
Cody, Kitty and Virgie with Emily  1985


~ Thanksgiving, 1985 ~


Cody and Emily   Easter 1986




Cody with Monica and Stephen  December 1987


Poppa Cody, Monica, Stephen & Amanda   December 1987



Cody & Emily  May 1986                          Cody in May 1988    


Cody, Kenny & Everett in Pleasanton   1988

Cody painted the seascape two decades earlier to hang behind a long couch



Cody  May 1990           Cody, Kenny, Virgie & Everett  November 1991


~  Self Portrait  1992  ~


Cody with Natalie, Monica & Heather  1992



Brendan with his Grandpa Cody and Great - Grandma Virgie
Cassidy is looking on   November 1997


Four Generations
Cody, Amy, Brendan & Virgie   April 1998

The painting is one of Cody's earliest, painted for Virgie



           October 1999    


Poppa Cody spending Halloween with Evan & Ian  1999


Cody helping Brendan   1999


 Virgie & 'The Boys' - Easter at Brockman's home   2000


Cody and Ian at Irish Beach   2002



Cody  November 2003


Cody  December 2004



Cody & Brendan  April 2005                              Cody  August 2005    


Virgie & Cody  -  Easter at Gridley Ranch   2005



Cody at Monica's Graduation         ...and with Brendan at Amanda's


Cody, Heather and Wanda Brockman  June 2006


'Ruby Surprise'   September 2006
Cody gave up his job of doing live-in care for two brothers when dad became too ill to be on his own. He moved in with mom and dad, caring for both of them until dad passed, at which time he cared for mom until diabetes rendered him unable to do that. Later, Mom wanted to help Cody out when he was in need, so she purchased a car that Kitty was able to find at her place of work (Ford Dealer) and it was given to Cody as a total surprise, as you can see from the image above. Cody always named his cars, and he quickly dubbed this one "Ruby". I think that Cody was a bit overwhelmed. It always was very difficult to do a favor for him.


In Pleasanton, July 2007


Amy says  "Happy Birthday Dad"  2008


Thanksgiving In Pleasanton With Kitty   2008


~  First Great - Grandson  ~
Five Generations

Virgie poses with Cody and his firstborn Kitty,
his first grandchild Emily,
and his first great - grandchild Ayden


Cody Passing Knowledge On To Ayden

January 2010






















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